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Alexandros Matsis

@Alexandros Matsis
I am 20 years old and my passion is capturing the feelings of everyday life and afterwards expressing it through my collage art, aka Graphic Design

Topic of intrest
Visual Arts
Alexandros Matsis
Topic of intrest
Visual Arts


Name: Matsis
Pseudonym: Alexandros


My name is Alexandros Matsis, I am 20 years old and my passion is capturing the feelings of everyday life and afterwards expressing it through my collage art, aka Graphic Design, I enjoy being inspired by poetry or music and then creating collage art through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.(Portugal)

Graphic design
Andrei Cristian Manole
Card - My thoughts
Name: Manole
Pseudonym: Andrei Cristian

Alex Alexander
Tolerance in Art

Cultural tolerance

No culture or race is better than another, not in creativity and not in any other aspect, and we can find examples of smart, creative people in every single culture. The creative ideas that can lead to innovation can come from anyone, anywhere. But after I wrote the post I’ve been asking myself some questions about the role of culture tolerance in innovation.

Some societies, because of being exposed to a wide variety of cultures are more tolerant to different ways of thinking and acting. It is no mystery that censorship and intolerance are enemies of new ideas and can kill creativity, therefore also innovation opportunities. Take for example the US, and specially New York as a cultural bouillabaisse, where you can find people almost from any origin who participate in society with their own forms of value. NY is not only a good place to have a variety of food to eat, it is a place for ideas to converge. In an organization you want this multi-cultural communication, to get the best ideas out of everyone to obtain results. Racism breaks dialogue, and should be avoided at all cost.

But what happens with cultures that were actually created from the mixture of two or more other cultures as it happens in many Latin American countries? Are we more tolerant and can this be an advantage towards enhancing a creative environment? I wish I could say cultural mixture in Latin America (with European and African cultures mainly), does make us more tolerant, but I think, as in any other culture, it’s more of a personal value than a cultural trait. Some people do feel resentment towards their “madre patria” (towards Spanish or Portuguese), or feel discriminated (or have been discriminated) because of their Indian or African origin, acting with intolerance themselves. In Mexico, native indians are segregated and live in poverty.

Cultural tolerance comes from contact with other cultures that challenge our own paradigms and with whom we cooperate for common benefits. As an advice for cultural tolerance, try focusing on things you have in common and work from there. Embrace difference, hear more than you talk, and try understanding why that person thinks or acts the way he does. You can always express your points of view but always with respect and looking for a win-win relationship.
Believe that you can learn something from anyone.
And basically don't be a prick.
But tolerance for fostering creativity is not only manifested in cultural difference. Tolerance is also important in gender, sexual orientation and religion. In general, women still don’t have the same opportunities and are still not treated equal at work, and sexual orientation is a cause of mock. logies.

I once saw an “innovativeness” score-board for evaluating “how innovative can a company be”. Although I didn’t agree with most of it, and I don’t think “innovativeness” can be measured , I did find some interesting points. Here are some of its questions to ponder:
- How many different cultures are there in the company and in what percentage?
- How many women in executive levels are there in the organization compared to the total of employees?
- How many self-declared gay/lesbians are there in the organization compared to the total of employees?
- How many different self-professed religion followers are there in the company and in what percentage?

We should practice tolerance, better yet empathy, not only for creative purposes, but for personal growth.
Alex Alexander
Creativity in Art

Creativity Can Completely Change Your Life

“Life is a great big canvas. Throw all the paint you can on it.” ~Danny Kaye

I’ve had those days when I felt like my life was in the doldrums. When I felt stuck in the same-old, same-old and wondered how to get a pick me up. When I wished I had more passion or purpose or maybe just a jolt of joy to shake things up.

Sometimes there were things I thought might make me happy, but I couldn’t have them just because I wanted them. Like, I couldn’t just snap my fingers and meet the man who sweeps me off my feet or become a kazillionaire.

But there is something that’s always at my (and your) fingertips. Something we always have that will instantaneously make us happy, right now in this moment.

And that is our creativity.

Creativity is not just for artists or making art. Creativity is life making. It’s anything we do that turns us on, invigorates us, or offers a simple moment of pure merriment.

For me, I love to paint and write. I knit while watching my favorite movies. I have a blast cooking and sharing my recipes. I let myself go wild in dance class.

All of us have something we enjoy doing. Or something we think we would enjoy but don’t do because the bigger, more major things in our daily lives take priority. We just don’t make the time for it.

Or we judge it as “a little hobby” (like crafting, kickball, or learning magic tricks).

Or we think it will never become something significant or important.

Or we deem it as just plain silly. (Why pick up singing when we don’t even know how to stay in harmony?)

But the things we enjoy are far more important than we could ever realize and can make a significant impact on our lives.

Here are ten reasons why:

1. Creativity makes us present.

Because we’re doing something we like to do, we’re engaged in the moment. Time passes in an instant ‘cause we’re just having some good ol’ fun.

When I paint, write, knit, dance, or cook it’s like active meditation. Being present with myself dials up my knob of attention and wakes me up.

Creativity stimulates us to be more mindfully in tune with our overall lives. It also calms our nervous system, decreases anxiety, and helps restore balance.

2. We better our relationships.

Simply because we enjoy doing something we love, we connect to ourselves more intimately. We develop a profound relationship with our inner selves.

The more we connect to ourselves, the more we’re able to connect to others and deepen all of our relationships. This secures healthier bonds.

3. We’re playing again.

As kids we could create anything and have fun with it without worrying about what other people thought.

Creativity returns us to the innocence of our childhoods. And giving ourselves a break from the pressures of adult responsibility, we become lighter and increase our sense of humor as we delight in the pleasure of our amusements.
4. We’re led to new wonderful opportunities.

The current of creativity is like a river finding its sea. It always leads us to bigger waters. So even a small creative project might open us to whole new possibilities. We never know where it might lead.

On a whim I got this idea to make a board game. My friends loved to play it and soon, I was hosting game parties once a month at my house for up to thirty people. It became such a wonderful way to bring people together, a publisher picked it up and today everyone can play it.

But we don’t do it for product. We do it for pure joy and interest.

5. Depression is lifted.

While doing the things we enjoy, even if it seems small or easy, the self-judgments we make (like we’re not enough, or bad, or we don’t matter) are suspended. We do it just because of the sheer delight of doing it.

My mood always uplifts when I’m creating something just for my own gratification.

6. It’s always new.

Every time we make stuff we’re embarking on fresh, unknown territory. Each time we begin and as we continue, we’re traversing on a new adventure.

7. We get out of our own way.

So much of our unhappiness is bred from being fixed and consumed by our thoughts and behaviors. We tend to observe our feelings, words, and actions far too often.

But when we’re engaged creatively, we’re freed from any internal traps that say something about us, especially because it doesn’t have to be so serious.

8. We become amazed by our intuition.

We may wonder what gives us pleasure when we feel stuck. But there’s always something whispering to us.

That’s the beauty of creativity. It might be telling us to take a pottery class, or sign up for a book club, or learn a new spiritual practice because it knows this will add some sparkle and enliven us.

9. We build character.

As we attend to our creativity, we feel better about ourselves. This simple act of showing up serves our self-respect and confidence.

The more we make pleasurable, creative acts a priority, the more we rejuvenate, strengthen, and grow.

Each time I sit down to write and my fingers get moving, I feel proud of myself for meeting the blank page head on.

10. Love begets love.

The more we cultivate what we love, the more love we accumulate. Our cup flows over.

Clearly there are days we may show up to do something we enjoy and it isn’t always enjoyable. Sometimes the cake doesn’t rise, the paint spills, or my muscles are sore. But finding creative ways to solve the problems can be fun if we continue.

When we don’t worry about how it turns out and we do it simply for the wonder of exploration, our heart expands and love abounds. And this spreads out into our entire life.

So, what’s compelling you to create? What might creativity be telling you to do because it’s sure you’ll gain from it? What if you just said yes to your freedom, fun, and happiness?
Alex Alexander
Love in Art

You get inspired in love

Love enhances all your senses... Smell, touch ,and sight are heightened and the world takes on a new, beautiful glow. Love actually has the power to alter the very way our minds work to process information.

Historically, artists used specific people as muses: modes of artistic and poetic inspiration. Muses were often considered divine, but could also be humans and lovers.

When you're in love, the subject of your affection functions as a muse. Where once you had no source of creativity from which to draw, you're now flooded with an instinctual need to create; memorizing every angle of your lover's face and writing him or her into your every story and poem.
Alex Alexander
Inclusion in Art

Your most engaged people might need you most

Beyond changing the history of art forever, Vincent is perhaps best known for two things. First, he experienced several periods of challenging mental health, ultimately leading to his life being cut short at only 37 years old. Second, he was an extraordinarily productive painter. The two are closely connected. Vincent didn’t decide to become an artist or even begin to explore his craft until he was 27.
Within 10 short years he produced several thousand artworks, including near to a thousand oil paintings. Vincent was at his most productive in his final years, when his mental health became most troubled. In 1889, he was admitted to a mental hospital, where over the course of a year he produced more than 150 paintings.

A person’s dedication to their work is therefore sometimes not an indication that they are fine; sometimes it's the opposite. Without mindful attention, we can miss when our most engaged people might need us most. Masked by prolific output, their mental health continuum dips too low and is unable to recover.
Workplace wellbeing, contrary to a lot of current practice, has little to do with yoga mats. It is about taking a genuine, attentive interest in our people and understanding their individual needs. That is inclusion in its simplest form.
Andrei Palade
Card - My thoughts
Name: Palade
Pseudonym: Andrei


Andrei Palade, born on April, 5th, 1998 in Comănești, Bacău county (RO), is a graduate of the bachelor's, as well as master's degree studies at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Mural Arts section.

Andrei Palade’s artistic activities include, besides mural painting, analog photography, a medium which he considers to be the secret ingredient for discipline and self-growth in photographic art. Analog photography has an otherworldly sense about it, there is something about the mechanical tones and vibrations that the camera makes when you capture an image. The gradual process of it makes you become more conscious and connected with the subject, as well as the fact that at all moments, from shooting the picture until developing it, you have in your hands a physical form of that image.

His photography process also includes experiments with camera obscura, an ancient mode of capturing images using a camera with no lenses, but with a slight pinhole, which is projecting the image on a light-sensitive surface.
Ştefan Remus-Lucian
Card - My thoughts
Name:Ştefan Remus-Lucian


Long-term studies at the Bucharest Academy of Arts, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Mural Painting, 1997, class of professor Ion Grigore
Anastasia Homeniuc
Card - My thoughts
Name: Homeniuc
Pseudonym: Anastasia


My name is Anastasia.
My first passion was music, an art that doesn't necessarily need words to illustrate the musician's feelings.
Over the years, I have managed to perform on three musical instruments, which have made me love music even more.
At the moment, I am a semi-professional Ukrainian dance dancer, which brings me a lot of joy because I, in turn, promote the culture and traditions of my grandparents.
Davidean Andreea Alexandra
Card - My thoughts
Name: Davidean
Pseudonym: Andreea Alexandra


From an early age I preferred to replace the classic Barbie dolls with a sheet of paper and a few pencils (or watercolors). This harmless gesture continued in primary school.
Once in high school, I was noticed by the drawing teacher, the one who motivated me, telling me countless times about a so-called potential in my scribbles.
His words made me paint more, documenting the history of art, with its representatives. For me, art has become an escape from everyday life, my relaxation area. I did not want to practice in this field, to keep the passion inside me.
My personal creation varied from year to year: I started with pencil sketches and continued with different types of techniques (in acrylic, in oil, watercolors).
The inspiration came randomly, either from a recently memorized landscape or after watching a movie. I can consider Van Gog to be my favorite painter.
The success of an artist will definitely be based on a shaky past, or terrible experiences.
Capitanu Emilian Dimitrie
Card - My thoughts
Name: Capitanu
Pseudonym: Emi


For me, the theater does not consider that it came necessarily in an organic way, on my own initiative, the circumstances made me like to write and even wish I could have a career. Initially I started with small scenes in Romanian when I play different characters, nothing very interesting, everything being quite simple and dull, even if since then the teacher said that I know quite well, I did not give it importance. But in the meantime, there have been several moments when I have used my skill if I can call it that in playing a role and they have been very useful to me, even the defining ones for the next elections and passions. I really like to interpret poems and roles in different scenes, to write plays seems extraordinary to me, because I can put all my emotions, feelings and aspirations on paper if I can say so. You feel like the God of your story, you decide what, how, and who does what. You create your own universe in which you often feel like the main character, when you realize that each character has a certain piece of you. These things make you feel great. So far I have written a play based on monologues, a nice one if I may say so, it was the first, I do not consider it the best, I hope that the next one I will write will be 100 times better , and so with each piece to exceed my limits and write a text as high quality as possible.
Even if I love to play characters on stage, I always have emotions, big emotions, even if I'm sure I'll be fine, I have uncontrollable emotions, I like it sometimes, it makes me think that I live the character at maximum intensity , do everything not to go unnoticed by me, to dedicate my body and soul in any activity. Even if I'm lazy and I don't like learning at all, theater is an exception, the lines seem much easier to learn than any Romanian lesson or especially mathematics formulas. I wish that one day I could be an actor in the theater, no matter where, but I want to play, or maybe a theater should play my plays written by me, and I should be first and foremost, to see my opera of art if I may call it so, as it is appreciated, and at the end applauded by a whole standing room.
At the moment I am waiting to finish the 12th grade, to take the baccalaureate and after finding my way in life, the theater will be the first option for me anyway and maybe it will even be the last.
Petre Cristian
Card - My thoughts
Name: Petre
Pseudonym: Cristi


My name is Cristi, I am 18 years old and I am passionate about painting.

The river is probably the hand that caresses the stone.
Love is probably the hand that caresses the weather.
I am student, i like to paint.

Tic Petrosel
Card - My thoughts
Name: Petrosel
Pseudonym: Tic


Tic Petroșel is, despite his discretion, the kind of talkative artist who knows how to entertain his audience with a musical speech of grade 10. For him, professionalism is not just technical, it is rather an attitude towards music, towards the artistic act, it is the ability to discover new meanings in what he sings every time he goes on stage. He believes that being a folkist means spreading the truth, seeking to express the problems of ordinary people, educating, providing poetic dressings, sharing smiles and hope. Tic Petroșel attracts like a magnet, using his own acting talent. In fact, today's meeting is a good example. He became known as "Brumariada", songs on the lyrics of Emil Brumaru. From the old and tender poems of the well-known poet. Tic Petroșel appreciates the spontaneity of creation, the responsibility of the composer-performer, because folk also means a man and a guitar. The artist admits: “A man who comes home, a newborn, from the maternity ward and finds 3000 volumes at home has something to do all his life until retirement. We all need to get to a library at least once in our lives. ”
Francesca Badea
Card - My thoughts
Name: Badea
Pseudonym: Francesca

For me, painting portraits is divine; I love what I do. I had problems with my self-image as a child, so I started painting this series wanting to explore perfection: how I would like to look so that I could feel good about myself.
I am aware that perfection does not exist, but still, I love to look for it in my paintings.
For over 6 months I have been taking art classes, I want to teach as many people as possible to paint creatively and without blockages.
For 2 years I started selling paintings, it is the thing that fulfills me; I love to see people who are interested in my art.
Although my artistic path is at the beginning and although I have had many ups and downs, I really want to succeed in having a career in art.
Hoblea Ana Maria Ioana
Card - My thoughts
Name: Hoblea
Pseudonym: Ana


Ana Hoblea

I am Ana and ever since I was young I enjoyed visual arts and lately I’ve been taking interest in architecture and interior design. What inspires me the most is nature, human nature and the transparency of it. Regarding architecture, my main interests are sustainable architecture and also architecture restoration. I also own a small bussines hand painting cotton bags, cotton hand bags are used instead of your regular plastic bags when shopping, being more eco-friendly.
Stefanescu Elias
Card - My thoughts
Name: Stefanescu
Pseudonym: Elias


Ever since I was little, I can recall the need to express my energy and artistry through my body, hence why I chose by myself to got o a ballet class held as an activity by my kindergarten when I was 4 years-old. It was like I had found the missing peace of the puzzle. I did those little classes until I was about 8 years-old, when I started going to a ballet studio 3 times a week, for a more intense training. The studio recommended that I audition for the Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy, and so I did, at the age of 10 I started studying there. Basically I moved away from my home country of Romania at a very young age. I stayed there until the age of 13, when I auditioned for my current school, the PNSD Rosella Hightower in Cannnes, Côte d’Azur, France. I have been in that school ever since, and all I can say is that it is a pure pleasure to feed my thirst for knowledge by dancing and discovering even more of my body (in dance, this means that you have a more precise conciousness of your body).
Moisa Ingrid
Card - My thoughts
Name: Moisa
Pseudonym: Ingrid


Ever since I started high school, monumental (mural) art has deeply inspired me. My meditation teacher made me apply here, so I owe her all my accomplishments, because mural art needs to be appreciated more by the next generation.
Mira Serban
Card - My thoughts
Name: Serban
Pseudonym: Mira


Ever since I was a child I showed a huge interest in visual arts. Starting with writing short stories as a kid than poems to taking pictures and than clay modeling, to create various shapes and objects.
Ionita Mihai Robert
Card - My thoughts
Name: Ionita
Pseudonym: Mihai Robert


I usually talk to people and find out stories about these buildings. And then I photograph them. My passion for photography started 2 years ago but I worked for other people's purpose. I am now in the process of reinventing myself.

Cristoltan Alexandra Teodora
Card - My thoughts
Name: Cristoltan
Pseudonym: Alexandra Teodora


My biggest passion, since I was very little, is art. Other hobbies never really interested me as much throughout my life. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Even though I had times when I neglected this hobby, I always came back to drawing. When I don’t do work for art school, I like spending my spare time creating my own story with my characters and make designs for them. I hope that someday I can create a comic with them, or maybe illustrate children's books .

Alexandros Matsis
Card - My thoughts
Name: Matsis
Pseudonym: Alexandros


My name is Alexandros Matsis, I am 20 years old and my passion is capturing the feelings of everyday life and afterwards expressing it through my collage art, aka Graphic Design, I enjoy being inspired by poetry or music and then creating collage art through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.(Portugal)

Maria Eduarda Alves de Sousa
Card - My thoughts
Name: Alves de Sousa
Pseudonym: Maria Eduarda


I continued doing teather until I decided to go to university to study what I always wanted to study: Theatre. Nowdays, I belong to a company called "NAPALM" where I am a actress. I'm too a stage director of 17 children, In "Plebeus Avintenses" the theatre that I started to doing theatre, it's like my second home.
Recently I was part of the cast of The rest of us, a webseries that talks about the dificulties of being a artist in Portugal. The series was produced by Notpro Studios and I am now part of the technical team as well. I love eveything that envolves art! I'm really passion about it!
Card - My thoughts
Name: Alejandro Caravaca
Pseudonym: Croco


I started taking pictures with polaroids as a hobby, I've always been quite into hip hop culture, and I think photography is something he has always carried by the hand.
Taking photos with polaroid is for me taking photos with unparalleled purity, the need to find the right moment, and knowing that you can only get a unique photo.
I do it for fun, and to show what surrounds me, everything that to the new generations may seem like something everyday, and that can make another large part of the population uncomfortable.
Morales Andy
Card - My thoughts
Name: Morales
Pseudonym: Andy


Andy Morales, born on September 9, 2001 in Ecuador,Quito, I am a high school graduate, likea cycle of animation and modeling in Cesur Las Palmas.The artistic activities of Andy Morales include, in addition to Digital painting, its illustration.My inspiration started with graffiti and animations Japanese style, manga style etc...This, together with my self-taught way of learning, made me improve little by little over time.
Raposo Irene
Card - My thoughts
Name: Raposo
Pseudonym: Irene


My name is Irene Raposo, I was born on August 21st, 2003, in Madrid, Spain.
I am a student of the first course of the Upper Degree in Dual International Trade in Cesur.
I practise different artistic techniques such as oil drawing, charcoal, watercolors, pastels, acrylics, ink and colored pencils.
Drawing for me is a way to express my emotions. I specially enjoy drawing portraits and giving them my own personal touch.
The process of it makes me appreciate the personal traits of each person I portray; I also like to experiment with the range of colors and through them express my own vision.
I also draw landscapes, colorful abstract shapes and even fashion designs. I have always been interested in art.
Correro Cabrera João
Card - My thoughts
Name:Correro Cabrera
Pseudonym: João


João is a trans boy who was born in 1996 in Algeciras (Spain). He was always connected to art thanks to his grandfather who painted as a hobby. He studied Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada, since having grown up in a multicultural family made him increasingly interested in languages and their cultures. He worked as a Spanish teacher in France thanks to the language assistant program of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Later, he decided to start studying programming and graphic design, two of his greatest passions today.
His artistic activity begins when he is barely 6 years old and includes portraits, acrylic painting and digital drawings. With her art, she tries to express her feelings as a trans person while experimenting with different landscapes, people, resources, paintings, canvas...Thanks to painting, João began to express his inner world, a world that begins with his coming out as a trans boy, a new life full of color that replaces a life full of pain by hiding his true gender. He has the perfect balance between traditional painting and new illustration techniques. Traditional painting allows you to stay connected with the roots of art and to perfect your technique more and more; feeling how the brush slides across the canvas creates something unique, something magical that connect the artist with the viewer. Digital art allows you to create worlds that have never been created before thanks to the multitude of effects, lights and shadows that can be merged on the same canvas.
- In addition to painting and digital illustration, he also experiments with photography whenever he can.

Jose Miguel Ortega
Card - My thoughts
Name: Jose  Miguel Ortega Duran
Pseudonym: Finn


Jos  Miguel ortega, born on October 15th, 2003 in Malaga, Spain I was graduated in Bachillerato de Artes in Santa Rosa de Lima, and right now I’m studying to be a sound technician in Cesur PTA M laga.
My artistic activities includes novice singer in a music group with my class partners, storytelling, dubbing, graffiti, video recording, audio recording (ADR, Foley) and photography as well in Bachillerato de Artes I was taught to do designs and character build and ultimately I learned European art history.
Chisbert Laura
Card - My thoughts
Name: Laura Chisbert
Pseudonym: Laudrawin


Laura Chisbert was born on December 19th 1997 in Valencia, Spain.
She studied Scientific High School (in Spain it’s Bachillerato), but has evolved her artistic skills in an autodidact way.
She’s currently studying a superior degree of 3D Animation, Videogames and interactive environment specialized on augmented reality. Laura’s skills are based on 2D art. These abilities are focused mostly on character and beast designs, but can also move to illustration, realistic portraits, chibis… She likes to say she can “surf” on styles, adapting as much as possible to what the customer demands. She likes to show and make the viewer feel raw emotions, but also create interesting designs that claim
people’s attention.
Her passion towards designing (mostly) beasts and humanoids come from her love towards nature, specially animals, and she possesses a wide knowledge about them, including behaviors, body language and anatomy.
With all her knowledge together, Laura can manage to create any kind of living creature using traditional equipment but mostly digital one, like an iPad (her favorite tool so far) and a tablet connected to the PC.
González Rufo Sara Lucia
Card - My thoughts
Name:González Rufo Sara Lucía
Pseudonym: Sara Lucia


My name is Sara, I am 31 years old and I am currently unemployed and I dedicate myself to studying Graphic Design and Early Childhood Education. I am an artisan, painter and traveler whenever I can. I have visited different places in the world. I consider myself a sensitive and natural person. I studied and worked as a Superior Sound Technician, on television, radio and music festivals. It's really hard to define yourself!
Sebastián Hidalgo Chavarriaga
Card - My thoughts
Name: Sebastián Hidalgo Chavarriaga
Pseudonym: undoredo


I'm a 3d enthusiast, usually I've been doing some work as a freelancer creating video lyrics for artists;abstract music visualizer and video lyrics production for artists.
Diana Maria Miculeci
Card - My thoughts
Name: Miculeci
Pseudonym: Diana



Diana was born on January 8, 1999 in Romania. Diana Maria left for Spain many years ago. There she attended high school and then enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture. She did many internships in this field, including one in France.
As she says, it is not easy, but what she does is her hobby, because it is what she is most passionate about in life. "Your passion and your job can be one and the same."

She always stood out from others, trying to take control of her future, set her own goals, and make them a reality by working for them every day.
Her desire is to continue to grow, to break down barriers in front of her and to cross borders around the world.
This philosophy is part of the identity of CEU, therefore it feels supported by those at the University. She says it provides her with the resources, training, and services she needs to make her dreams come true.
Doina Dobrin
Card - My thoughts
Name: Doina Dobrin
Pseudonym: Doina
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


Doina is born on July,27th, 1992 in Moldova. Her profession is a doctor of pharmacy.
She starts few years back to work in Paris, France. She is a very flexible and resourceful person. Even when things change at the last minute, Doina is able to adjust accordingly and meet tight deadlines. Despite the chaotic environment, she always finished tasks on time. Her passions are reading, sports, travel.
Fausta Miculeci
Card - My thoughts
Name: Fausta Miculeci
Pseudonym: Fany


Fausta was born on August 13, 1991 in Romania. Shee studied Cooking and Gastronomy at CIPFP Cheste.
An organized and stress-resistant chef, she has a long experience in catering that has allowed her to develop her culinary creation skills as well as team management. She also underwent quality schooling to better address her responsibilities and the functions she now holds.
She has been passionate about pastry since she was a child and learned to make all the desserts she dreamed of at the time.
Passionate about Cake Design, she likes to accept the challenge of new flavors and themes and especially to please customers with cakes made with passion, regardless of theme.
Each of the gourmet creations combines authenticity, flavor and originality, combining sets of textures to create both fragrant and delicate pastries.
She created her personal brand "Fabriem Sweet Bites" - Delicious single bite cakes, made according to Moroccan tradition. An original detail or whim, ideal for any type of occasion: weddings, baptisms, communions. It is the perfect snack for your partner, family and friends, along with a tea, coffee, etc.
Burca Valentina
Card - My thoughts
Name: Valentina Burca
Pseudonym: Valentina
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


Valentina Burca is in 1st year of Master in the prestigious university Paris Dauphine. Paris Dauphine is renowned for its teaching in finance, economics, mathematics, law and business strategy. Valentina is studing control, audit and financial repport.
She loves meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. She can almost always find common ground with strangers, and she like making people feel comfortable in her presence.
Valentina is passionate about sports, formula 1, decentralized finance and photography.
Maria Niedźwiecka
Card - My thoughts
Name:Maria Niedźwiecka
Pseudonym: Mara
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


I am Mara and I am a student of sociology. I intersted in visual arts, speacially drawing and painting, what I’m also doing and enviroment protection, speacially in topic of climate change. Recenty I started to be interested in upcycling - work with plastic and use it as a material of making art. I love learning about new cultures and languages from other people.
Tom Pacelli
Card - My thoughts
Name: Tom Pacelli
Pseudonym: Tom
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


Content creator originaly from France, twice awarded at the 2018 Digital Communication Awards by We Like Travel, I started capturing videos and photos at the age of 11, consumed by the desire to discover this art and create new things.
Over the years, I have traveled extensively and worked with a multitude of people and learned a lot, always pushing the limits of creation to convey a positive message and a maximum of emotions, for a result always more breathtaking. Today, armed with a wealth of skills and great ambitions, I am pursuing my dream of creating more images and emotions by traveling the world.
Sara Sousa
Card - My thoughts
Name: Sara Sousa
Pseudonym: Sara Carolina


I have a degree in Theatre and Performing Arts, my passion for the area arose in my first year of school when I participated in a small performance in the subject of dramatic expression, however it was only in my last year of secondary school that I signed up for a drama club and decided to go to university to study what I had always wanted to. I was part of a drama club also at university called TUTRA where I took part in an academic drama festival.
Recently I was part of the cast of The rest of us at Notpro Studios and I am now part of the technical team as well.
Even though I'm not a musician, music is something very important in my life in the best and worst moments. Besides that I love to read and I have recently discovered my love for writing and how it helps me express how I feel.

Pedro Manuel Sousa Ribeiro
Card - My thoughts
Name: Pedro Manuel Sousa Ribeiro
Pseudonym: Pedro Ribeiro


I found my passion for the arts a little late.
My passion for film emerged after making a work in video format for the Bioenergies course. This work brought me the excitement and fascination for the art of filmmaking. So I started making videos, telling stories (mostly comedies) and posting them on youtube. All the work being done only with a camera and in a completely self-taught way, without any kind of training in the area (script, recording, directing and editing), I caught the attention of a neighboring town, and was challenged to make a film work without compromise, "A Crazy Day (2015)" to present at the annual event "Culture Among Us" belonging to the town of Cristelo.

After the success of this, the parish council of Cristelo together with the City Council of Paredes, offered new semi-professional equipment for the realization of a short film about the locality in question, "Apocalypse Cristelo (2016)". With this, it became regular, annually the presentation of short or feature films in this event, always with the support of the parish council, trilogy "Hate Not Hate You (2017/2018)".

With the recognition of vocation and passion, began to arise professional work done for various entities, such as the Youth Embassy Association, Municipality of Paços de Ferreira, "YouthSquare" belonging to the Municipality of Paredes or then coverage of events and promote establishments, in addition, the trilogy led him to be invited by Porto Canal for a live interview on the program "Mundo Local". In 2020 I ended up recording a short film" Letter Nº4", to compete in the FNAC 2019 New Talents contest, where I received a mention of honor. I currently finished the first season of the series "THE REST OF US" (2021), which was the most successful I've ever done, and it was aired on a regional channel: Novum Canal.

Right now I am directing 2 short films and preparing the second season of "THE REST OF US".

Andrei Cristian Manole
Life in Painting

Love in the Painting

I like the beginnings. I love the enthusiasm of the beginnings, the exuberance, the optimism. I started a lot of activities in my life and each one brought me new satisfactions, new friends.

It's a thrill to start a painting and finish it; more precisely to know when it is ready. If I stop too early the painting seems incomplete, if I don't stop in time I might suffocate it.

Drawing a parallel with life, I accept everything and take it from the beginning.
Pedro Ribeiro
Inclusion in Filmmaking

Movies are for all

Filmaking always gonna depend on the people that are doing it. It's all about the personality and mentality of those in charge. For me as a filmmaker, I think that the projects themselves bring inclusion with them. One of my latest projects "The Rest of Us" is about the exclusion of artists from society itself. In making this project we created a very intimate bond between staff and actors because the theme of exclusion included all of us. In short we created a project of inclusion
Maria Eduarda Alves de Sousa
Inclusion in Theatre

Inclusion through expression

First, every art related to performance is a form and a way to social inclusion, in this way and because Theatre is a type of art that can combine every other art, is one of the best ways to represent Inclusion. I think that Theatre is a safe space: there is no right and wrong in Theatre, there is just a space and opportunity where people can share everything from their lives and use their experience as a tool for creation and in that way Theatre is directly connected with Inclusion in all forms
Sara Lucía González Rufo
Life in Painting

Callejero y vida

La vida como tal puede ser representada por un callejero en sí, formada por caminos, destinos, puntos de interés y la huella dejada de "Usted está aquí", como referencia al presente.
Laura Chisbert Casares
Life in Drawing


This is a perfect example of what I believe is a representation of life. It's a portrait of a family member who passed away, drawn on a joyful moment of his life. In my opinion, we can recreate that happiness and help people feel better at the moment they stare at that portrait. To me, life in art is a way to show what it means to be alive and enjoy the little things.
Andy Morales Moreta
Love in Painting

1- Love in a bottle.

In my illustration or painting, I reflect love in the way you can feel with a person, taking into account that being there, with that special someone, only exists in that environment and it is as if everything else disappeared and nothing can hurt or affect in a bad way, besides that everything is joy.
Jose Miguel Ortega Duran
Inclusion in Singing

Singing with my band

Singing and tolerance have always been concepts that go hand in hand, from the example of the acceptance of black music, to the promulgation of tolerant ideas, the performance of musical shows has evolved from our beginnings as a species to the present day and that is simply wonderful.
Sebastian Hidalgo Ch
Life in Video

See Through- Edwvrd

Love is take every word of a lyrics and create from scratch an image with movement, visuals based on rhythmically changes of the track, moods, intonation of the voice.

Laura Chisbert
Love in Painting

Me and Me too

In your art I can see tons of self-love! Self portraits definately represent love towards art and yourself. Good job, they look awesome!
Laura Chisbert
Life in Drawing

Daily life art

Definately a daily life art! Amazing work from an item that used to be in many people's lives on daily basis ^^
Laura Chisbert
Love in Decorative art


I can see in your art that you have a huge inspiration on one of the best feelings in life, love. And you definately put love on your piece so it has a cute and shiny outcome, good job! ^^
Jose Miguel Ortega Duran
Life in Arhitecture

Famme Vrai

Architecture is essential to our daily lives and such as we would be nothing without our homes and without our places of leisure to bring life to a city.
Sebastian Hidalgo Ch
Inclusion in Painting

Inclusion in paiting

Bring random subjects around a visual piece to admire and find the aesthetic beauty on it, construct o deconstruct the society standards.
Jose Miguel Ortega Duran
Inclusion in Urban design

Pintura 1

Inclusion in the urban style is indispensable to fully embrace such a novel and controversial art, for the simple fact that even if we are harshly criticized for a work we are there side by side to support and improve each other as a team.
Tcaciuc Andrei
Card - My thoughts
Name: Tcaciuc
Pseudonym: Andrei

tcaciuc andrei.

My name is Tcaciuc Andrei and I am a student at UNAGE University of Arts, specializing in Choreography.
I am passionate about contemporary dance and I practice it.
I like to travel, meet new people and make friends.
I consider myself a sociable person and eager to try new things.
I am involved in several projects within the faculties.
Before college I worked as a dancer in an ensemble of traditional dances.
Sara Carolina Pereira de Sousa
Life in Theatre

The mirror of society

Theatre is often the mirror of society, representing real life or what we want in our deepest being.

Also has the ability to bring life to those who often cannot find a reason to live, for various reasons.

Alex Alexander
Participation in Painting

Participatory art

Participatory art requires of the artist that they either not be present, or that they somehow are able to recede far enough to become equal with the participants.

This is the only way that participants might be offered the agency of creation; without this detail, participants will always respond within the domain of authority of the artist; they will be subjugated in this way, and the work will fail to be participatory.
Alex Alexander
Solidarity in Painting

Art for Solidarity

If art can save others, why can’t it save itself? In the Instagram campaign #artistsupportpledge, in which artists solicited art sales by promising to buy further art with a portion of their takings, the pyramid shape of this innocent scheme is uncannily obscured by the accessible price-tag and the democracy of social media.
Serban Mira
Life in Fashion design

Fashion design

Fashion designul poate influenta viata de zi cu zi a oricui si modul in care interpreteaza si intelege faptul ca poate afla lucruri interesante despre o persoana doar observand modul in care aceasta este imbracata.
Varga Maria
Tolerance in Customs

Tolerance makes it possible for people to coexist

Tolerance makes it possible for people to coexist peacefully. It is the basis for a fair society in which everyone can lead their lives as they wish.
Alex Alexander
Life in Fashion design

Life in Fashion Design

Life is a Fashion Design!
Serban Mira
Life in Painting

Appreciation message

Your work really caught my attention I enjoy your attention to details and it’s amazing to me that some of us are this talented. Beautiful work and I hope you will continue to impress everyone .
Busuioc Miruna
Inclusion in Theatre

Inclusion in the theatre

In the theatre world, inclusion comes from being able to relate to the character, which is extremely useful for people all over the world. That's why I think people have turned to theatre since older times.
Alex Alexander
Life in Dance

Ever changing mixture

Art is an ever-changing mixture of the intellectual and the emotional, the physical and the spiritual, which makes a virtue of subjectivity.

It offers a unique means by which we can explore ourselves and our position in the wider world and is a way to exchange with other people about what we see and feel and think and sense. Art is a way of opening dialogue within and between individuals and communities.
Mira Serban
Card - My thoughts
Name: Serban
Pseudonym: Mira


Ever since I was a child I showed a huge interest in visual arts. Starting with writing short stories as a kid than poems to taking pictures and than clay modeling, to create various shapes and objects.
Alex Alexander
Card - My thoughts
Name: Alex
Pseudonym: Alexander

Tom Pacelli
Life in Filmmaking

Life is the starting point of anything.

Life represents the inspiration needed to create any piece of art including videos as we need storytelling to make sense. Because without life there's no inspiration, and without inspiration there's no story.
Alexandros Matsis
Inclusion in Graphic design

Everyone has something to say.

Inclusion for me in the field of Graphic Design is when every person's catharsis and creative ideas are being splattered all over that white screen, all of us have something to say about the world around us and Graphic Design allows us to present it in a creative and artistic way by taking bits and pieces from that world and combining it to make something unique and moving.
Varga Maria
Card - My thoughts
Name: Varga Maria
Pseudonym: Maria

Varga Maria

I'm not good at presentations, but I'm a person who likes to express himself in a creative way as often as possible.
Onciu Claudia
Card - My thoughts
Name: Onciu Claudia
Pseudonym: Claudia


I feel art and art feels me. Life is our own reality where we have the right to expose ourselves to the role of the sun, we are nothing and nothing is everything, so we are everything.
Frenzy is the personality I feel when I write, create, sing, express myself and feel.
Life is our eternal curse, you have it without asking, you feel it without wanting it, enjoy the beautiful spirit of your cursed spirit.
It hurts to feel but I love to do it, every touch, thought, skin, pores, gaze.

Art is life, we die to exist! I love new experiences!
Pieszczoch Bianca
Card - My thoughts
Name: Pieszczoch
Pseudonym: Bianca

Bianca Pieszczoch

Music is like an oasis of inspiration to me.
From the age of 4 I started to surround myself with everything that means music and the artistic universe, especially when I started taking singing and dancing classes. Since then, this passion has been growing more and more. I remember fondly that in kindergarten, when asked, all the girls wanted to become doctors, but I was the only one with a different opinion, I wanted to be an artist. Now I am at the best point of my evolution, I can say that music flows through my veins and it is very easy for me to learn new things related to this field. I participated in a lot of recitals, shows, competitions where I sang and got good results, but they also integrated me in the "world of show business. When you are put in front of an audience, you learn to control yourself under pressure, you discover your charisma and you make many friends with whom you share your passion, the one that will always keep the flame burning

Life in Arhitecture

Nice to see

Bravo. I enjoyed your work.This is realy nice. I'm happy to see you here!
Card - My thoughts
Name: Mardale
Pseudonym: Andy


I am a really motivated person when it comes to my passion , and i can easily carry along any task i enjoy doing. Art really inspires me and i'm really happy to live in a world in which i am surrounded by it!
Bogdan Nicolae Imurluc
Card - My thoughts
Name: Bogdan Nicolae Imurluc
Pseudonym: IMUArt
Nationality: Romania


At the age of three, I did my first job, a clay crocodile. An elephant head also came from the ground when I was going to the field to my grandparents, who are from Scrovistea near Snagov. At the age of 8-9 I discovered beeswax. As my beekeeper, my beekeeper melted honeycombs after collecting the wax and when he put it to cool, I noticed that it is easily modeled, and when it is completely cooled, the perfect modeling remains. That's when I first modeled in wax the way I do now (a Triceratops head and a Tyranosaurus Rex from pictures in a magazine - Atlas Magazine). I was very passionate about biology and especially the Paleozoic life of dinosaurs (it was 1994-95 and all the kids were crazy about Jurassic Park).
My mother noticed that over time I was sculpting more and more elaborate shapes. Not only did we copy, but we also invented new forms. Thus, in the 7th grade, he took me to the Nicolae Tonitza High School of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

Andrei Victor
Life in Photography

Life in photography

There are a lot of quotes about photography or the art of photography that have gained traction on the Internet, and not only, some of which are worthy of becoming true mantras for amateurs and professionals alike. Here are some inspirational words on this topic.
Andrei Victor
Card - My thoughts
Name: Andrei Victor
Pseudonym: Andrei
Nationality: Romania


Is photography an art? Some would say yes, he just got into the fine arts. I do not have the power to decide this, but I consider that its social role prevails over the aesthetic one. Art or not, it may not be as important as its role. Voicu Bejan said about photography that it is not art, but emotional memory. I tend to think he's right. Photography thus becomes a repository of reality that comes to life through printed emotion. Photography is a mediation, a voice that talks about what we know and what we don't know. It is our eyes where we are not or, on the contrary, it is our voice when we do not have the courage to speak.
Alicia Ioana Aranda Pauna
Card - My thoughts
Name: Alicia Ioana Aranda Pauna
Pseudonym: Alicia
Nationality: Romanian


Hello! My name is Alicia and I am 15 years old. I live in Malaga, Spain. I study music in the Professional Conservatory of Malaga.
I have been studying music for 6 years now. I play cello and piano. I am a member of two orchestras: Promusica Youth orchestra and Galamian Academy Youth orchestra.
Every summer I participate in music festivals, musical camps and music courses.

Other hobbies: swimming, listening to all styles of music and of course going out with friends. I also like to debate (I won the third prize in a debate contest). I am a creative, competitive and optimistic person.
Card - My thoughts
Name: Bacioiu
Pseudonym: Madalin-Gabriel
Nationality: romanian


My name is Bacioiu Madalin-Gabriel, I am 21 years old and I consider myself a curious person and eager to discover new things.
I enjoy every moment of my life and I live every moment to the fullest, enjoying every thing I am surrounded by.
I believe that our main purpose in life is life, so we must enjoy it and use it as much as possible!
I love nature, animals and I am a good friend of the environment, I also volunteer and build a future by living in the present and leaving the past behind.
I think in life, it doesn't matter how much you go, it matters that you never stop, because every day is a new chance and life is too short to wait.
By doing things, we develop ourselves and discover unknown artistic sides.

My main hobbies are photography, metal detecting and clothing design, along with cooking and reading.
Javier Jiménez Mancebo
Card - My thoughts
Name: Javier Jiménez Mancebo
Pseudonym: KeleSSaR
Nationality: Spanish

mwlite/in/javier-jim%C3 % A9nez-mancebo-6bb85921b

Soy alguien a quien se le da muy bien una cosa, aprender!!!!

Actualmente estoy trabajando en el ejército de Tierra. Estoy destinado en Valencia, en la oficina de Protocolo, del Regimiento de Inteligencia no1 de Valencia .Diariamente me dedico a hacer fotos y a editar videos para el ejército de Tierra. Tengo conocimientos de premiere, photoshop, illustrator, after effects, 3d studio max, Substance
painter, entre otros.

Sentido de la responsabilidad
Disposición para obedecer órdenes
Tolerancia a situaciones extremas
Ágil reacción ante imprevistos Versatilidad
Aptitudes para la oratoria
Gran capacidad de entrega y dedicación Fomento
de las capacidades de los subordinados
Estabilidad física y mental Obediencia y disciplina
Gran facilidad para aprender autodidácticamente

LLegar a producir mis propios videos de VFX, animar en
3D películas de animación o trabajar haciendo
Alexandra Popescu
Card - My thoughts
Name: Alexandra Popescu
Pseudonym: Alexandra
Nationality: Romanian


Nivea m-a provocat sa arat ce inseamna pentru mine "back to work vibes", dar in acelasi timp sa vorbesc si despre incredere. Pai in cazul meu cred ca e simplu! Increderea este la locul ei pentru ca fara ea nu as putea vorbi live in fata camerei. Si, cel mai important, nu as fi ajuns aici daca nu as fi avut incredere ca voi reusi. Acesta este visul meu de cand eram foarte mica! M-am imaginat mereu pe micile ecrane si iata ca am ajuns acolo unde mi-am dorit. Zi de zi increderea mea creste pentru ca imi dau seama ca pot face lucruri pe care nu credeam ca pot sa le fac. Iar cand sunt pusa in fata unei situatii dificile, de genul unei stiri sau unui live pe un domeniu greu, cum este politicul, strang din dinti si spun "pot sa fac asta!". Si da, pot si pe zi ce trece ma uimesc pe mine prin ceea ce fac. Astfel vreau sa va indemn sa faceti ceea ce va place! Daca job-ul nu e bun, atunci increderea se diminueaza din cauza frustrarilor.
Ghiocel Bontas
Card - My thoughts
Name: Ghiocel Bontas
Pseudonym: Ghio
Nationality: RO


Fundația Cultural Umanitară „Sociabilitate, Simpatie, Servire, Salvare”, pe scurt „SO.SI.SE.SA.”, a luat ființă la 15 noiembrie 1996, când un grup de experți în economie, sociologie, politologie, asistență socială, IT și drept, și-au unit forțele, hotărâți să schimbe perspectiva celor din jur asupra acțiunii umanitare. Prin definiție, acțiunile umanitare sunt un tip special de relație interumană, în care partenerii sunt egali. Fiecare parte își asumă un rol, iar finalitatea este mereu îmbunătățirea situației ambilor participanți: beneficiarii cunosc o redresare a situației dificile în care se găseau anterior acțiunii umanitare, iar autorii câștigă satisfacția binelui prin care au îmbunătățit viața unei ființe umane. În general, perspectiva pe care se bazează acțiunile umanitare în România este preponderent greșită.
Card - My thoughts
Name: Esther
Pseudonym: Esmujim
Nationality: Spanish


Mi nombre es Esther, tengo 20 años y soy una chica a la que el arte le apasiona, considero al arte como un medio con el que consigo plasmar ideas que imagino.
Sobre mí, pues me gusta la música, toco la guitarra. Como ya he mencionado antes me gusta el arte, dibujo en 2D y modelo en 3D, y por último, disfruto patinando en skate.
Valeriy Mayn
Card - My thoughts
Name: Valeriy Mayn
Pseudonym: Valeriy
Nationality: RO


Valeriy Mayn s-a născut la Hamburg. Este a șaptea generație de muzicieni, părinții săi fiind profesori la Conservator. A absolvit Conservatorul din Kiev, apoi, considerând că nu știe suficient, a terminat și Conservatorul din Varșovia, apoi Academia de Artă în Germania, studiind teoria orchestrației și aranjamentelor muzicale. Orchestrația este studiul sau practica de a scrie muzică pentru o orchestră (sau, mai vag, pentru orice ansamblu muzical, cum ar fi o formație de concert) sau de a adapta muzică compusă pentru un alt mediu pentru o orchestră. În muzica clasică modernă, compozitorii își orchestrează aproape invariabil propria lucrare. Aranjamentul în muzică înseamnă, în mod tradițional, orice adaptare a unei compoziții pentru a se potrivi unui alt mediu decât cel pentru care a fost scrisă inițial, păstrând în același timp caracterul general al originalului. Valeriy Mayn a activat în străinătate, 11 ani numai ca director muzical și inginer de sunet în America.
Adrian Bezna
Card - My thoughts
Name: Adrian Bezna
Pseudonym: Adi Bezna
Nationality: Romanian


Adrian Bezna, o viaţă de trubadur strecurată printre poezie şi cântec
Îi vine greu să vorbească despre propria persoană, când simte că uneori nici el nu se cunoaşte prea bine şi într-o vreme în care oamenii trăiesc mai mult într-o lume virtuală, cu prieteni virtuali.
"E complicat să te ştie oamenii când nu te ştii nici tu pe tine la un moment dat. Vremurile s-au schimbat şi noi plătim câte-un tribut pentru toate aceste schimbări. Spun mereu că oamenii sunt ca scrisorile sau mai degrabă oamenii nu mai sunt ca scrisorile. Scrisoarea îţi ajungea la poartă şi oamenii tot la poartă ajungeau ca să vorbească unii cu alţii. E greu să vorbeşti despre tine, mai ales când vrei să te şi îndrăgească lumea, să te cunoască mai bine, să aibă nevoie de acele momente frumoase ale tale. E greu să vorbeşti despre tine când încă nu exişti pentru ceilalţi...
Poezia am scris-o când m-am julit la genunchiul sufletului"
Daria Boghean
Card - My thoughts
Name: Daria BOghean
Pseudonym: Daria
Nationality: Romanian


Dacă ai șansa s-o cunoști pe Daria, copila îndrăgostită de chitară și de muzica folk, nu poți să nu-i remarci darurile cu care a fost înzestrată, dublate de inteligență și bun simț, aflate la cote maxime. - Georgeta Resteman
Carmen Grigore
Card - My thoughts
Name: Carmen Grigore
Pseudonym: Carmen
Nationality: RO


Sunt momente în care un film pe care îl produci, poate fi și o serie de secvențe la un eveniment, te face să te simți ca un bazin în care se reflectă întregul suflet al umanității. Nu poți vorbi, îți este greu să te miști de acolo și chiar dacă știi că ești mic și neînsemnat în tot oceanul lumii, te face să vibrezi alături de cei pe care încerci să-i surprinzi pe film. Ești de atâtea ori surprins de efectul pe care îl produce camera ta video în fața copiilor. Am ales să trăiesc prin ceilalți, cu alții, alături de alții, să-i înțeleg și să mă bucur de recunoașterea lor.
Anca Bodolan Oprisan
Card - My thoughts
Name: Anca Bodolan Oprisan
Pseudonym: Anca
Nationality: RO


Absolventă a ATF (UNATC) Secţia Păpuşi/Marionete. A jucat în Pinocchio şi Play-Faust (Ţăndărică – ATF). Asistent, apoi lector si conf. univ. dr. la Secţia Păpuşi/Marionete a UATC, cursul de marionete. A mai jucat ca artist păpuşar si marionetist alături de Daniel Stanciu în spectacolul Mărioara şi Vasilache premiat la Festivalul tinerilor actori de la Costineşti (regia Daniel Stanciu). Joacă în trupa particulară Hai-Hui
Muhammed Enes Obut
Card - My thoughts
Name: Muhammed Enes Obut
Pseudonym: xxxkraltrxxx
Nationality: Turkish


A successful person who finds happiness in their successes.
The only way to success is through a lot of hard work.
I am excited. I am a success. I love life!
Muhammet Yusuf Tasdemir
Card - My thoughts
Name: Muhammet Yusuf Tasdemir
Pseudonym: m.yusuftasdemir
Nationality: Turkey


Photography is more than a hobby for me, it's my best hobby and through my many visits abroad, I had a blast taking pictures all around the world. I love how memories can be taken in a single second and last forever, I love trying different techniques with cameras.
Johnny B Goode
Card - My thoughts
Name: Johnny B Goode
Pseudonym: Johnny B Goode
Nationality: Portuguese


I like to cycle in nature and reflect my daily life through art
Card - My thoughts
Name: Hazalinya
Pseudonym: Hazalinya
Nationality: Turkey


Im escaping to regular life. meet with people, listen them, love them, belive them.
Olena Ponomarenko
Card - My thoughts
Name: Olena Ponomarenko
Pseudonym: helinka
Nationality: Ukrainian


I love playing musical instruments, traveling, and learning new languages. I enjoy being in the nature.
Running, yoga, cycling, swimming, and hiking are activities I cannot live without.
Abdulkadir Ethemoğlu
Card - My thoughts
Name: Abdulkadir Ethemoğlu
Pseudonym: Ethemoglu
Nationality: Turkish


I am the last year of emergency aid and disaster management at Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University.My goal is to complete my undergraduate education and then complete my graduate education and work as an academician.
Muhammed Settar Taşdemir
Card - My thoughts
Name: Muhammed Settar Taşdemir
Pseudonym: SettoKaiba
Nationality: Turkish


I am from Turkey, I am studying computer engineering, my hobbies are archery, soccer, computer games and programming.
elif deveci
Card - My thoughts
Name: elif deveci
Pseudonym: elifdeveci_
Nationality: turkish


I love photography. my interest in water sports is intensifying. I enjoy getting to know new people.
Egemen Deveci
Card - My thoughts
Name: Egemen Deveci
Pseudonym: egmndvci
Nationality: Turkey


I'm a person who has always been surrounded my the loudness of life, It ıs my comfort zone. I enjoy music and sports that are coupled wıth good company and friendly behaviour. My aim is to encourage these values in other people through my work and this gives me the energy to get up in the morning and start my day.
Ana Sofia Rodrigues Marques
Card - My thoughts
Name: Ana Sofia Rodrigues Marques
Pseudonym: anaemme
Nationality: Portuguese

Energy. Life. Light. Smile. Love. Music. People. World. Feelings. Hugs. Silence. Nature. Connect. Be. Positive. Reading. Inteligence. Conversations. Body Language. Culture. Travel; Lonelyness. Languages. Happyness. Share. Touch. Contact. Hope. Peace. Future. Thinking. Humans.
Card - My thoughts
Name: Carlota
Pseudonym: César Rodríguez Alcaraz
Nationality: Spain


CARLOTA es el proyecto en solitario de César Rodríguez Alcaraz (Quäsar, Royal Mail, RYM, Funkdacion). Su primer trabajo, '2 0 2', es un proyecto multidisciplinar que aúna música, cómic e ilustración bajo dos versiones distintas de los mismos temas. El producto se presenta en forma de CD, vinilo + libro de ilustraciones y cómic.
La versión en CD, cuenta con una producción más cruda, mientras que la versión en vinilo, registrada en directo y en analógico, ofrece otra visión con arreglos y sonoridades más ricas y polimorfas de las mismas canciones.
Dead City Radio
Card - My thoughts
Name: Dead City Radio
Pseudonym: James Culatto
Nationality: Gibraltar


Rock band based in Gibraltar. No need for influences... we play originals and we like to rock out. C
Desertores del Arao
Card - My thoughts
Name: Desertores del Arao
Pseudonym: Alvaro Olvera
Nationality: Spain


The style is strongly influenced by rock and punk, but also folk , ska and metal. It was formed in 2017. Right now, they're on the process of composing for their first album, to be released later in 2023
Ger Philippens
Card - My thoughts
Name: Ger Philippens
Pseudonym: German Philippens
Nationality: Argentina


Nacido y criado en Mendoza, Argentina, Ger se dio a conocer a mediados de los 90 ́s por ser el cantante y guitarrista de ARCÁNGEL, con la cual edito 7 discos y realizo innumerables giras por Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, España.
En España destacó su trabajo como frontman junto a Paco Ventura (ícono del rock metal Español) en la gira nacional LEGEND FEST.
El nuevo disco se grabó en diferentes estudios de España, Argentina y Chile. Refleja los recientes años de música y poesia, de búsqueda interna y una fuerte asociación artistica con notables músicos invitados (Felipe Staiti, Hernan García, Irene Tapia, Claudio Lavin, Miguel Angel Leal, solo algunos de la extensa lista)
Ger llega con su 'PhiliBand' y el espectáculo MOMENTUM a Sudamérica, con los Chilenos Claudio Lavin en Guitarra Líder, Zewo Morales en Bajo y Camilo Borda en Batería, coros y secuencias.
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Name: Gravital
Pseudonym: Ernesto
Nationality: Spain

Grupo granadino de rock / dark pop con tintes de Prog.
My Yellowstone
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Name: My Yellowstone
Pseudonym: FJ Curra y Dani Kussa
Nationality: Spain


Bajo el nombre de My Yellowstone se esconden FJCurra y Dani Kussa, dos compositores sevillanos con extensas trayectorias a sus espaldas.
A finales de 2019, y ya con una banda consolidada con Paco Jácome al bajo, Álvaro León a la batería y HJ Gil a los teclados, publican "Jewels", producido por el prestigioso Jordi Gil en los estudios Sputnik. Un EP con el que aspiran a lo más alto.
Oh, Trikelians!
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Name: Oh, Trikelians!
Pseudonym: Guille Ruiz Ravira
Nationality: Spain


Oh, Trikelians! No se etiqueta dentro de un estilo musical concreto. Si bien su base musical es el rock, en sus composiciones podemos encontrar diversas influencias que se entremezclan: indie, post, math...

Sus componentes tienen una formación musical diversa y esa mezcla transfiere al grupo un sonido fresco y personal.

Antonio (batería), Guillermo (guitarras), Javier (guitarras) y Jesús (bajo y voz) ofrecen un directo cercano y contundente.

Juntos desde mediados de 2006, y con base en Estepona, España; Oh, Trikelians! Ha ido creando su repertorio con paso lento pero seguro, llegando cada vez a más oídos. Parte del repertorio que les ha llevado a las Semifinales del certamen Málaga Crea Rock 2008.

Sarajevo 84
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Name: Sarajevo 84
Pseudonym: Andrés Martínez, Luz Bajo Romero, Miguel García y Óscar "Nienor"
Nationality: Spain


Con su anterior EP pudieron llevar su directo a salas tan emblemáticas como Siroco, Joy Eslava o Milwaukee, así como cruzar el canal de la mancha para tocar en Liverpool tras ganar el "EDP RnR Madrid Maratón". En diciembre estrenan, "Da club", título del primer largo de Sarajevo ’84. La banda granadina vuelve a la carga con diez nuevos temas grabados y producidos por Carlos Hernández Nombela en su estudio "El Castillo Alemán", responsable del sonido Planetas, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Carolina Durante o Viva Suecia. El lanzamiento viene bajo el veterano sello granadino Wild Punk Records.
The Hill Frequencies
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Name: The Hill Frequencies
Pseudonym: Nacho Mena
Nationality: Spain


En su repertorio actual se pueden escuchar, en su mayoría, temas originales basados en esta música, pero también una impecable selección de clásicos del Blues del Norte del Misisipi. Canciones de artistas como Mississippi Fred McDowell, R.L Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Robert Belfour, Charles Caldwell...
Con su álbum debut, 4000 miles from Mississippi (2019), consiguen posicionarse y obtener buenas críticas tanto en prensa especializada de Blues como en la de música independiente. Aparecen en el programa de RN3 de Ángel Lobo, El Saltamontes, y ofrecen conciertos en lugares emblemáticos de este género en España como “La Coquette Blues Bar” (Madrid) o en el Festival de Blues de Antequera.
En 2020 lanzan un single digital (On the Profane Side) homenaje a uno de sus héroes, Robert Belfour, y tras ello toman contacto con Tone Catalano, músico, ingeniero de sonido y productor estadounidense que ha trabajado con artistas como Neil Young, quien se ha encargado de la producción y lanzamiento de
The Noises
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Name: The Noises
Pseudonym: Chuso Ruiz
Nationality: Spain


The Noises is freshness, joy and melody that sticks with you for days. A band that has been working for years and has achieved a place in the music scene betting strongly on their own style that has consolidated them as one of the essential groups of the Spanish indie.
The new album "EP" is the new firm commitment of their personality as a band, a complete EP full of energy; 4 tracks dominated by synthesizers, drums, powerful guitars and catchy lyrics.
Bellavista (2011), Rapto (2013), Pacífico (2014), Verano e Invierno (2015), Sesión (2017), Les Malditos (2020) the latest EP they are about to release, represent the musical career of a band in constant evolution.
Arenal Sound, Sonorama, FIB, Ebrovisión, Spring Festival, Croma Day, Neox Rock, Nocturama, Gigante or Los Sentidos can prove that the audience that listens to The Noises lives and enjoys the moment as much as they do on stage. They follow them on their social networks and are definitely "hooked" to their rhythm.
The festive spi
The Uninvited
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Name: The Uninvited
Pseudonym: Megan Danino, Kyle Pou, Nathan McCarthy, Steven Noni Belilo and Douglas Traverso.
Nationality: Gibraltar


The band consists of Megan Danino, Kyle Pou, Nathan McCarthy, Steven Noni Belilo and yours truly - Douglas Traverso. We are an Alanis Morrissette and 90's tribute band.
The Tragic Company
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Name: The Tragic Company
Pseudonym: Juanma Medina
Nationality: Spain


The Tragic Company es una banda de rock alternativo con claras influencias anglosajonas de los 90 y letras en inglé s. Durante los ú ltimos añ os se han labrado una gran reputació n en la escena underground andaluza por sus buenas canciones y un potente directo.
Tienen una amplia experiencia en bolos de carretera, habiendo recorrido la mayor parte de lageografıá españolaporsucuenta.LabandalideradaporJuanmaMedina(guitarrayvoces) ha depurado su estilo hasta convertirlo en una mezcla de rock alternativo, post-grunge y stoner con tintes progresivos que recuerda a los mejores Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Foo Fighters y Porcupine Tree. Completan la formació n Mariano Alcobendas (guitarraycoros),AlanVoreaux(bajoycoros)yJoseLuisFernández(baterıá ).Actualmente cuentan con 3 álbumes de estudio autoeditados, y un álbum acústico en directo. Su más reciente lanzamiento es el larga duración ‘Paradox Vol. 1’ (2021).
Big Marquez
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Name: Big Marquez
Pseudonym: Emilio Marquez
Nationality: Spain


tremendamente visceral y sincero, con un toque tradicional como cuando se hacían las cosas con más pasión que herramientas, pero con una fuerza y una fuerte conexión entre ellos que declara la admiración a la música y a la continuidad de su esencia más que a las apariencias.
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Name: Jetstream
Pseudonym: Nolan Frendo
Nationality: Gibraltar


Most notably their single "Starlight" was awarded BEST SONG at the Gibraltar International Song Festival 2017. Jetstream are currently in production on a brand new album scheduled for release in 2021.
Sistema Polar
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Name: Sistema Polar
Pseudonym: Jimmy Jiménez
Nationality: Spain


Indie pop-rock music coming all the way from Granada to your ears.
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Name: Michal
Pseudonym: Radio
Nationality: Czech


Goofy alcoholic with good heart and mind on the right olace
Petra mel
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Name: Petra mel
Pseudonym: Peta
Nationality: Czech


I like design and IT, I am interested in learning more in international environment and local environment also. Please help me. I'm looking forward to seeing and learning new things.
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Name: Kantonisa
Pseudonym: Kanta
Nationality: Albanian


Card - My thoughts
Name: Sara
Pseudonym: Cico
Nationality: Italian


I love cooking, taking pictures and spending good quality time with people i care about, but also meeting new people and new cultures
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Name: Kantonisa
Pseudonym: Boci
Nationality: Albanian


I’m a certified Graphic Designer graduated in International Marketing & Logistics, still eager to learn more and more about everything that has anything to do with visuals and marketing.
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Name: Lavinia
Pseudonym: Lavi
Nationality: România

Dinescu lavinia

I hate liars, I love doing nails, I love helping people...
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Name: Natia
Pseudonym: Natiak7
Nationality: georgia
NGO: Other


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Name: Xhesika
Pseudonym: Jess
Nationality: Albanian
NGO: Other


Anything related to art especially to multimedia is my keen of interest. I love photography, filming and anything that can be expressed through art.
Daniel miscoi
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Name: Daniel miscoi
Pseudonym: Vladimir
Nationality: Moldova


I like to sell the wine and drink the money. The best thing you can do
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Name: Anushik
Pseudonym: Melkonyan
Nationality: Armenia


Swimming traveling and also I like mathematics
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Name: Ela
Pseudonym: Skhirtladze
Nationality: Georgian


Rollerblades music running

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Name: Zhanna
Pseudonym: Zhanna
Nationality: Ukrainian
NGO: Other


Sports, game, cinema, theatre, Inspiration smile joy life soul heart breathe in breathe out repeat
Patient 108
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Name: Patient 108
Pseudonym: Dave Bornstein
Nationality: Spain


The band is comprised of singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist Dave Bornstein, lead guitarist Kester Jones, bassist Xabier Aquino, and drummer Woody Woodenman. The result is an emotionally raw while sophisticated sound drawing influence from artists such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and The Doors.

The band formed in 2013 and released "Preacher’s Got The Gun", a 5 song EP recorded, mixed, and mastered by renowned audio engineer Dany Richter at El Lado Izquierdo Studio in Madrid. Since then, they have performed regularly, at a wide array of venues across the city, honing the dynamic energy of live performances while steadily building up their repertoire. Patient 108 have been played on Radio3 in Spain several times and recently won the Battle of The Bands contest at the iconic Madrid venue, Sala Jimmy Jazz.

The band has just finished working on its first LP, Real of the Unreal, which demonstrates a sharp contrast to the EP, highlighting the band’s dynamic versatility and evolution over
John Doe
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Name: John Doe
Pseudonym: John Doe
Nationality: Spain


They are a trio influenced by the great rock bands of the 60s and 70s (Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Grand Funk Railroad...) bringing to the style a fresher and more eclectic vision of the band's youth and their broad outlook on rock and music in general.

In the summer of 2015 they won the 2nd Recycle Band Contest and have been selected as finalists in several band contests.
Hard Days
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Name: Hard Days
Pseudonym: Pepe Paco González
Nationality: Spain


The essence of seventies rock in its golden age, the nods to Deep Purple or Jimi Hendrix and all those elements that illustrate the great cathedra of this genre, has its direct mirror from Seville.
Astral Experience
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Name: Astral Experience
Pseudonym: Hector Astral
Nationality: Spain


En 2016 ve publicado su primer LP Emovere, cosechando críticas positivas de varios medios a nivel nacional y gracias al cual recorre toda la península acompañando a bandas de renombre en una gira que dura hasta 2018, año en el cual comienza la composición de su nuevo álbum Inflexión, publicado en 2019. Con él renuevan su estilo personal con un giro hacia sonidos más contundentes influenciados por las ramas más modernas del metal progresivo sin dejar atrás las raices del power metal. Orientado a un público diverso, Inflexión pretende demostrar que la técnica no está reñida con la capacidad de hacer que las canciones resuenen en las cabezas del oyente una y otra vez.

En 2022 Astral Experience ficha por Art Gates Records para lanzar sus siguientes publicaciones que pretenden consolidar el estilo de la banda como una reconciliación de estilos tradicionalmente enfrentados como son el progresivo más cercano al metalcore y el power metal más duro.
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Name: Bourbon
Pseudonym: Jorge Valero
Nationality: Spain


The band is formed by Raúl Guerrero (guitar, vocals), Álvaro Guerrero (drums, vocals) and Juanma Gonzálvez (bass, backing vocals).
Free Byrds
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Name: Free Byrds
Pseudonym: Antonio Maíllo
Nationality: Spain


Touring since 2013 on different stages, the band
different stages, the band moves through
band moves through diverse soundscapes such as blues
blues, surf, rock and funk,
presenting their new line-up in 2022, as well as
new line-up, as well as being
preparing their first album.
War Knife
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Name: War Knife
Pseudonym: Gian, Dan, Rando
Nationality: Spain


It was founded at the beginning of 2021, as a result of the dissolution of Hard Scream (punk/hard rock), a band in which Gian (vocals) and Dann (drums) were members, and finally Rando (guitar) joined the band.
After this dissolution, these three members decided to start a new journey changing their style to a harder and more metal-focused one.
In March 2021 Juan España joined the band on bass, thus completing the line-up.
In March 2022 they released their first single with a videoclip "Rebirth" and in June of the same year they started their live performances with the release of their second single, "Kain".
They are currently working on writing new songs and preparing live performances with the idea of releasing a new single in the near future.
Dorina Florescu
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Name: Dorina Florescu
Pseudonym: Dor de Flores
Nationality: RO


Coorganizator Feria del Libro Rumano 2022
Târgul de Carte Românească 2022
Ediția 1, Getafe, Madrid, Spania
In perioada 7-9 Octombrie 2022 la Casa Regional de Castilla La Mancha de Getafe, Madrid s-a desfășurat prima ediție a Târgului de Carte Românească 2022 din Spania
Au participat autori și artiști români din Spania și Europa, edituri, instituții, centre culturale, ong-uri etc. Invitați de onoare: scriitori și artiști spanioli și internaționali. Pe toată perioada tărgului de carte s-au desfasurat o serie de lansări și prezentări de carte, inâlniri cu cititorii, dezbateri, expoziții fotografice și etnografice, ateliere pentru copii și evenimente interactive, activități culturale dedicate publicului român și spaniol.
Vineri, 7 octombrie 2022 cu ocazia deschiderii evenimentului, a fost inaugurată o Expoziție Colectivă de Pictură permanentă in cadrul Casei Regionale Castilla la Mancha situată in str. Calvario nr. 8, Getafe.
Agnieszka Wi
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Name: Agnieszka Wi
Pseudonym: Aga
Nationality: Polish


I am woman of many parts. He is interested in photography and filming. I am also interested in sports, badminton and Formula 1.
Tiago Cunha
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Name: Tiago Cunha
Pseudonym: Psybass
Nationality: Portuguese


Heyy!! My name is Tiago, I’m from Portugal and an eletronic music dj!
The style of electronic music that I like to mix the most is trance and drum'n'bass!
Since I was little I have always had a passion for the area of music, I have always been passionate about dance, until I had dance classes, such as hip-hop, contemporary, breakdance and other styles!
Nowadays I'm giving more value to the dj aerial because I also didn't have the opportunity to have professional training in dance but I believe that one day I will be able to join these two airlines, at least I won't give up!
Raquel Silva
Card - My thoughts
Name: Raquel Silva
Pseudonym: Di Vaio
Nationality: Portuguese


Hi, my name is Raquel and I am Portuguese.
I love traveling and getting to know different types of culture and customs.
I love electronic music and I always hope to have the opportunity to visit new countries and go to festivals around the world.
Costache Adriana
Card - My thoughts
Name: Costache Adriana
Pseudonym: Kidda5
Nationality: Roman


De când sunt mică am fost atrasă de artă,muzică și natură.Iubesc să cânt și să compun.Am simțit că muzica trebuie să fie emoțională,că poate numi ceea ce nu poate fi numit şi poate comunica tot ce nu poate fi ştiut.Pictura este o poezie tăcută,o exteriorizare a sufletui meu.Imi place să dansez,să meditez și să gătesc.Sunt o persoană sociabilă și creativă.
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Name: Bianca
Pseudonym: Bianca
Nationality: RO


by acting I understand the following: acting is not only an art through which you interpret a role, a character, but through acting you also develop as a person, you evolve, you become complex, you are more expressive, your feelings and emotions become deeper.
I believe that a person should not choose this kind of art and have a mentality that makes him think "- I want to be an actor because I want to become famous." This kind of mentality is wrong. They have to choose this job because they feel touched in the soul, to interpret a role in which to perform, and to know that acting requires a lot of repetition, a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice.
To become a good actor, you must dedicate yourself to acting and be prepared to accept any kind of criticism.
To create a great character, the actor must put his heart and get rid of all fears and have immeasurable faith in his job. This is what I chose!
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Name: Nucu
Pseudonym: Nucu
Nationality: RO


Neculai-Relu Nucu Stangaciu is a Romanian film and theater actor .He was born on October 22, 1964 in Bucuresti, Romania. He graduated from Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in 1996 .In 2019, he plays first role in the movie Las Fierbinti . Other notable roles in Watcher (2022), Roslund & Hellström: Box 21 (2020) and Ruxx (2022). Play on the stage of the theater '' Ion Luca Caragiale '' in Bucharest.
Silvia Mitrache
Card - My thoughts
Name: Silvia Mitrache
Pseudonym: Silvia
Nationality: RO


"Silvia Mitrache este forță, cometă. O apariție cu o poveste interesantă de viață și cu o voce penetrantă. Este un un exemplu de viata, de vointa, de daruire, de talent, de determinare".
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Name: Mihai
Pseudonym: Mimiche
Nationality: Romain
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


I'm work in IT industry since 2001. I work in difference domaine finance, marketing, logistic and I know the product life cycle. In the NGO side I have a long experience. I started 27 years ago and I manage different international projects.
Daniela B
Card - My thoughts
Name: Daniela B
Pseudonym: Daniela Dalight
Nationality: Romain
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


Daniela s-a născut in Ludus, judetul Mures, 11 august 1967. A obtinut licenta in pedagogia artei si masterul in pictura in cadrul Facultatii de arte plastice si decorative Cluj Napoca.
A condus cercul de arte plastice si atelierul fanteziei de la Clubul Copiilor timp de peste 20 de ani in Romania, dupa care se instaleaza in oct 2010 la Paris.
Isi continua activitatea creativa si in Franta, invata limba, conduce ateliere de stimularea creativitatii si anima diverse evenimente , participa la restaurarea catedralei ortodoxe din Paris, se remarca obtinand numeroase distinctii si premii in cadrul concursurilor de pictura si bodypainting. Daniela participa in tabere de creatie, activeaza in diverse asociatii artistice ,are numeroase expozitii personale si colective in saloane si galerii din Romania, Franta, Grecia, Belgia, Elvetia ,
Va lasam sa descoperiti paleta larga de activitati pe care artista o desfasoara , experienta unui artist care si-a continuat ascensiunea catre ideal
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Name: AlexandraDelbot
Pseudonym: Alexandra
Nationality: French
NGO: Tous pour lEurope


Alexandra Delbot, initially a graduate of masters in biochemistry and journalism in
France, is interested in painting through matterism and abstract art, inspired by the work of
plural painters, from Jean Fautrier to Vassily Kandinsky. After her first collective exhibitions,
in parallel with her involvement in various musical projects, she joined the RAVAGE
collective in 2022, in order to bring a demanding look to it, thanks to her academic training as
well as her spontaneity as a self-taught painter.
valeriu barbu
Card - My thoughts
Name: valeriu barbu
Pseudonym: valeriu barbu
Nationality: romanian


pierdut în oceanul unei singure secunde în care nu mai caut nimic fiindcă nu există acel nimic, găsim doar găvanele goale prin care privim lumea
Nicoleta Crăete
Card - My thoughts
Name: Nicoleta Crăete
Pseudonym: Nicoleta Crăete
Nationality: Romanian


I am keen on both what I am passionate about as the lack of it.