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Let`s be smARTS
Intelectual outputs
IO 1 IO 2 IO 3 IO 4

IO1 - ”Out of the Box”

Digital Cards for developing Creativity using STAR(R) Technique (Situation + Task + Action + Result + Reflection).
This IO is a digital deck of cards for developing creativity. The cards are divided into four categories using as main criterion of division, the main characteristics of creativity:

Digital Cards - Elaboration, Fluency, Originality, Flexibility

IO2 - ”Connected2smARTS”

A a virtual space where young people can freely collaborate with other people from any domain of arts. They can interact, connect and create new stuff/creative&artistic things around transversal themes of humanity (as Inclusion, Solidarity, Love, Participation, Tolerance, Life etc.).

IO3 - ”Digital kit”

Is a digital kit dedicated to youth workers for planning, developing&implementing Arts&Creativity Programs using digital tools with youth for promoting active citizenship and social inclusion through arts.

IO4 - ”Social Entrepreneurship for smARTS”

Is a Training Pack with 5 modules (as OER – Open Educational Resources) developing abilities so important for running a successful social business in arts and creative sectors.
  • Module 1 – Design of creative products, cultural goods&events
  • Module 2 – Social Innovation through Arts&Culture
  • Module 3 - Creativity and Social Business
  • Module 4 - Relation to markets and audiences
  • Module 5 - Digital Tools for Social Business in arts and creative sectors.